Objectivity You CanĀ Trust.

Specializing in detailed, comprehensive, and data-driven psychological reports

My Background – In this video, Dr. Larson talks more about his background and training.
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10 Reasons Why You Should Refer The Applicant to Dr. Larson:
  • Objective Data-Driven Evaluations
  • Easy to Read AME and PQME Reports
  • Thorough Mental Status Examinations
  • Trained extensively in Psychological Testing
  • Comprehensive Personal, Legal, Medical and Psychological History
  • Flexible Scheduling of Appointments
  • Reports Submitted within 2-4 weeks
  • Skilled in Compiling Complete History of Applicant
  • Organized Report Content
  • Entire evaluation conducted by Dr. Larson

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About Dr. Doug Larson

Over 30 Years Experience In:

  • Psych Testing
  • Psych Evaluations
  • Forensics
  • Research
  • Therapy
  • Adjunct Faculty

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