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About Dr. Larson

Currently, Dr. Larson performs medical-legal and disability evaluations for many different organizations, including the Division of Workers’ Compensation, Social Security, Employment Development Department, and the Department of Rehabilitation. He obtained his Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) certification in December 2011.

Dr. Larson earned a doctorate degree from an APA-approved research-based clinical psychology program at the University of Oregon, and was licensed in California in 1986; He also has a credential in School Psychology.

Dr. Larson has training and experience in QME report writing, test construction, factor analysis, psychological testing, play therapy, hypnosis, depression, analytic therapy, neuropsychology, school psychology, pain management, rehabilitation, forensic psychology, and biofeedback.

Dr. Larson has worked in psychology for over 30 years. He has served as adjunct faculty for the courses of psychology, statistics, psychological assessment, personality, research methods, and play therapy.

Dr. Larson has co-authored 8 publications in the fields of perception, depression, test construction, and child psycho-pathology.

He has twice served as the President of the Inland Psychological Association and has lobbied legislators for the California Psychological Association.

Dr. Larson completed his dissertation with Dr. John Reid and Dr. Jerry Patterson in 1983, and was trained in child and family therapy by the Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC), and is especially grateful to Dr. Patti Chamberlain and Dr. Kate Kavanagh, who supervised his clinical work.

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