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Specializing in detailed, comprehensive, and data-driven psychological reports

Video Publications The videos below give you a chance to get to know Dr. Larson better and understand his overarching philosophies on psychological reports, psychological testing, and some interesting history as to how he became a psychologist.
Intro Part I – Dr. Larson gives a brief overview of how he likes to approach applicants in Med-Legal Evaluations.
Intro Part II – Dr. Larson explains the benefit of his psychological reports for attorneys.
Integrity – Dr. Larson explains the role and importance of integrity as it relates to psychology and psychological testing.
How I became a psychologist – Here, Dr. Larson explains how he got into the psychology field and what interests him about it.
My Background – In this video, Dr. Larson talks more about his background and training.
Process of Evaluation – Dr. Larson explains in this video how applicants are interviewed for Med-Legal Evaluations.
Psychological Testing – Dr. Larson explains more about psychological testing and his experience.
Talking about Data – In this video, Dr. Larson describes the proper use of data in psychological evaluations.

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