Dr. Doug Larson, Psychologist, QME - 'MEA LUX VERO AGIT' - 'The Light Of Truth guides my hand'
Speciailizing in Detailed, Comprehensive and Data Driven Psychological AME/QME Reports.
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Watch Videos of Dr. Larson explaining practical and philosophical methods with respect to AME/QME psych reports.
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Dr Larson's Video Blog!

The Pillars of a Good Psychological Report.

Here, Dr. Larson explains the four "pillars" of a good psychological report.

Dr. Doug Larson's Introduction Video

Here in this video, Dr. Doug Larson takes the opportunity to help you learn about his background, qualifications and vast experience in psychological testing and evaluations.

Dr. Larson explains what happens in AME and QME psychological evals.

Here, Dr. Larson explains the ways to produce ideal Agreed Medical Evaluations (AME's) and Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation (PQME's) reports.

Dr. Larson's "Test Battery" for Psychological Evaluations.

Here, Dr. Larson explains the "Test Battery" he uses in Psychological Evaluations.

Dr. Larson's methods and tools for "truth finding."

Here, Dr. Larson explains the methods and tools he uses to determine the truth during his psychological evaluations.

Dr. Doug Larson's Psychological Testing Background & Experience.

Here, Dr. Larson explains his extensive background in Psychological Testing and how he can help dispel the mysteries and complexities in psych evals.

Call Dr. Larson to schedule an appointment:
1 855 DRLARSON (1-855-375-2776)

The video blog section of this site covers a range of topics with regards to:

  1. Psychological Testing
  2. Med-Legal Psychological Evaluations: AME's & QME's
  3. Forensic Psychology
  4. Methods used to determine truth
  5. Dr. Larson's Professional Experience & Background

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