Dr. Doug Larson, Psychologist, QME - 'MEA LUX VERO AGIT' - 'The Light Of Truth guides my hand'
Speciailizing in Detailed, Comprehensive and Data Driven Psychological AME/QME Reports.
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Contact Dr. Larson about starting a work comp AME/QME Report.
    Over 25 years experience:
  • Psych Testing
  • Psych Evaluations
  • Forensics
  • Research
  • Therapy
  • Adjunct Faculty
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10 Reasons Why You Should Refer The Applicant to Dr. Larson:

  1. Objective Data-Driven Evaluations
  2. Easy to Read AME and PQME Reports
  3. Thorough Mental Status Examinations
  4. Trained extensively in Psychological Testing
  5. Comprehensive Personal, Legal, Medical and Psychological History
  6. Flexible Scheduling of Appointments
  7. Reports Submitted within 2-4 weeks
  8. Skilled in Compiling Complete History of Applicant
  9. Organized Report Content
  10. Entire evaluation conducted by Dr. Larson

Call Dr. Larson to schedule an appointment or to request a fictionalized, sample report:
1 855 DRLARSON (1-855-375-2776)

The Four Pillars of a Good Psychological Report.

Watch other video blog posts from Dr. Larson.